Chris Brown Responds to Twitter Death; Deletes Tweet Afterward

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Yesterday Twitter killed Chris Brown like so many other celebs before, but he did not take it anywhere near as gracefully as the others. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be, because Breezy simply wouldn’t be Breezy without his knee-jerk reactions and constant redactions in the form of posting and deleting his tweets.

If you want to see the very first original article reporting on ‘RIP Chris Brown’ click here. You’d figure a superstar (dramatic eyeroll) like Breezy would be a trending death on Twitter for longer than 12-hours but apparently that’s not the case.

Anyway, this latest update comes from PopCrush, which also shared the original Gather report on his trending death in their article. They happened to catch an update which has since been removed by the notorious hip-hop trainwreck, and is in no way surprising. While he appeared to respond to his Twitter death shortly after it began trending on the world’s popular website, he had also officially addressed it. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to grab a screenshot but this is what it said:

“DEAR MEDIA.. Ur plan is not working.. I’m not going anywhere so get used to me.”

So this proves that Chris Brown is stupid, on top of being violent to the part of having a felony conviction to back it up. Is he not aware that Twitter users are the ones who start those silly trends? The media is the one who simply reports about it. Maybe Breezy needs to realize that the only people who want him around are the members of his fan club “Team Breezy,” who aren’t really made up of the most influential people, and that’s an understatement.

A special thanks goes out to PopCrush for sharing this update, even though a screenshot wasn’t available. It’s unfortunate that Chris Brown constantly feels the need to delete his public statements after making them. Does he not understand that most people who see what he does are able to take screenshots? So here’s a challenge to Chris Brown: Go six months without losing your head, making stupid comments and deleting them as a means to cover them up — maybe then people other than your merry band of Twitter fans will want you around.

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