Chris Brown, Rihanna Caught Making Out Backstage at VMAs — Where Was Karrueche?

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Obviously, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s onstage kiss at last night MTV VMAs wasn’t enough. Earlier, the two supposedly ex-lovebirds were reportedly caught backstage making out like crazy. Which is, of course, exactly what they are. And speaking of the hopelessly deranged, where was Mr. Breezy’s current girlfriend and official lady-love, Karrueche Tran? What was she doing while RihRih and Breezy were swapping spit? More importantly, what will La Tran do now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag?

According to Hollywood Life, Rihanna and CB “couldn’t keep their hands off each other backstage,” and apparently, they didn’t care who saw them.

“I knew the n***a was gonna do it big and he did,” tattled a CB insider. “He kissed his girl in front of y’all, but the n***a gave her some tongue backstage too. I’m telling you, this is the beginning.”

Well, that may be true. It may be the beginning of the end for Rihanna, career-wise and in every other way. The real mystery is how the loony lovers managed to pull off packing on all that PDA in cramped quarters filled with photogs.

“He went backstage and they met up, and all his n****s was right there blocking them when they was doing they thing,” explained Mr. Breezy’s loose-lipped—er—loquacious pal. “The f*****g night was all about them. They couldn’t be apart backstage and we had to barricade them in this room. My n***a, I’m his [Chris’] friend not his bodyguard. I felt like I was working out the whole night.”

Poor friend. Anyway, Mr. Breezy “couldn’t stop thinking about Rihanna,” even after the VMAs ended. The idiot—er—Grammy winner wanted to Tweet about it when he went home.

“He in there on that f******g twitter and we telling him to chill out on that,” his buddy continued. “We just posted right now and he in the other room by himself probably talking to Ri. He …was like, ‘Damn, she look good,’ and they were talking and texting and s**t the whole night.”

So there you have it. CB and the “Umbrella” lady seem to have actually reconciled. It looks like only a matter of time—and a short time at that—until they make their new chance at love official. But to reiterate: What about Karrueche Tran? What will she say, or do about these new developments in the soap opera which is also her life?

“I don’t know what K.T. thinking,” mused Breezy’s BFF philosophically, “but I told you from day one, she cool with whatever C do. Her days are probably numbered, s**t, I don’t know. All the n***a talking about right now is Ri.”

Well, the best woman has finally won, and it’s the “Birthday Cake” girl. Her wit, persistence, and tenacity have finally paid off, and it looks like Chris Brown will be, at long last, hers. Right now, Rihnna is a triumphant woman, but she’s not a lucky one. The lucky woman is Karrueche Tran. Although it may be some time before she realizes it.

Stay tuned.

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