Chris Brown, Rihanna Dating or Is Breezy Using Her for Attention?

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Is Chris Brown using Rihanna to get attention? It wouldn’t be the first time that Breezy has done something (leaking nude photos of himself) to try and grab the headlines. The thing is, while everyone is busy talking about how RiRi and Chris are back together, Brown is busy shooting down the rumors.

In a recent interview with Big Boy on Power 106, Breezy petty much denied any involvement with Rihanna. “No…And that’s just quick, a quick answer.” What, really? Chris and Rihanna were seen hanging all over one another? Still, he is not going to let on about the two actually having a relationship. It looks like he is willing to string her along.

All of this seems like more publicity of Chris Brown. It keeps him in the news. It makes him look like Rihanna has forgiven him for beating the snot out of her a few years ago. He swears the two are just friends. “… It’s just me being honest with myself,” claims Brown. “Me and her have history and me and her are definitely always going to be best of friends. And we’re working on our friendship now.”

So, are they dating? It certainly doesn’t seem to look like it. One thing is for sure, since Chris and Rihanna appear to be inseparable at this point… Brown is getting plenty of publicity.

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