Chris Brown & Rihanna Drama: Cat fight?

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Is Chris Brown truly a man worth getting into a physical altercation over? First of all, he was voted GQ‘s Worst Dressed Man of 2011, and on top of that he’s got some temper issues that make it hard to decide whether he’s a spoiled brat or someone with actual mental issues. So why does Rihanna appear to want this loser back in her life?

Could this simply just be a case of a woman not wanting her ex-boyfriend to be happy? It’s really quite common for a former girlfriend to try to interfere with a man and his current love interest. It’s not always that the woman wants him back, but more or less that she wants to feel like she still has control of the man’s feelings. It’s a sick game to play, but believe it. Certainly Rihanna isn’t truly interested in Chris Brown after he brutally beat her beyond easy recognition in 2009. Could she?

It’s reported that Rihanna and Breezy’s current girlfriend Karrueche Tran nearly got into a fist fight last night in a club. It seems that the Barbadian beauty and her former flame frequent the same spots, because this is happening all too often. Anyway, it’s reported that Rihanna spotted Chris Brown and began to approach him from one side of the VIP section of the club. Karrueche Tran wasn’t going to have any of that, however, and she intercepted.

“(Chris and Kae) were on one side of the VIP and Rihanna was on the other. At one point Rihanna walked over, and Kae stepped to her,” said one source.

Shame on Rihanna if this is true. She’s a strong and beautiful woman and she is far above Chris’s BS. She’s also far more attractive than this current thing he’s dating (and he even got a tat of her face! Ugh!) RiRi needs to realize that she’s far more superior to the trash she’s trying to drag back into her life. If she was really intending on boxing this young woman over a man who beat her like a common bar brawler, then maybe she’s truly not that bright.

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