Chris Brown, Rihanna Had Sex In a Club Bathroom Says Source

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Chris Brown and Rihanna may have finally sealed the deal after having a rendezvous in a NYC bathroom. Although you’d think they could have found a more upscale place to hook up!

According to reports, C Breezy and Rih were spotted hanging out in a posh NYC Club before Chris headed to the restroom. Rihanna followed suit and the pair spent a long time in the stalls with security guarding the doors.

What they were doing inside is their business, but it’s widely believed that the pair were having sex or at the very least hooking up while hanging out in the restroom.

Obviously, Chris Brown and Rihanna still have feelings for each other so why they have to continue to hide their romance and hook up in bathrooms (can you say ew?) is beyond anyone’s guess.

Do you think Chris and Rihanna were getting busy in the bathroom or did they just go inside to have a nice, simple chat with no romantic undertones?

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