Chris Brown, Rihanna, Karrueche Are Doomed Publicity Wh***s According to Fans—See Shocking Poll Results

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Chris Brown, Rihanna, & Karrueche’s antics might be amusing, but a new poll recently revealed that most people consider all three members of the toxic triangle to be phonies and losers who will wind up on the scrape heap of the formerly famous. Ouch. Talk about harsh. But, it seems the public has spoken.

The folks at TMZ have conducted an interesting new poll asking a series of very specific questions about Mr. Breezy and his harem of two—specifically his former love Rihanna and his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Or is Karrueche now the former love after his VMAs smooch with RihRih? And does that make Rih his new girlfriend…again? Whatever. The poll questions were brutally blunt, and the poll results were shocking. Hopefully, no one will show them to Mr. Breezy. Rumor has it he has quite a temper, you know.

Fifty-six percent of the voters believe Rihanna wants Chris because she truly loves him, while fifty-nine percent think CB wants her because he’s a publicity wh***. A whopping eighty-eight percent think Brown never loved Karrueche at all, while eighty-three percent believe Karrueche feels exactly the same way about him. They think she’s just a smart gold digger. Ouch. On the other hand, that does make sense, and it explains her lackadaisical laissez-faire attitude toward Mr. Breezy’s shenanigans.

Moving right along, where do the fans think the two co-dependent–er—star-crossed lovers will be in five years? A thirty-six percent minority think Rihanna will be married to Chris, while sixty-four percent think the “Umbrella” girl will be getting “beaten by Chris.” Double ouch. As for the felon—er—Mr. Breezy, thirty-two percent think he’ll be married. They didn’t specify to whom. A sixty-eight percent majority are convinced he’ll be “in prison with Bubba.” Well, that too is possible.

Speaking of Chris Brown and prison, remember his big bad beef with Drizzy Drake? A whopping seventy-nine percent are sure that Rihanna loves having the two guys feuding over her. And they’re probably right. In response to the most obvious (and intimate) CB/RihRih question, ninety-one percent think the former lovers are still “secretly banging.” No doubt.

And now for the bonus round. The question was: “Are Chris and Rihanna good for each other?” Eighteen percent thought so. The other eighty-two percent, not so much. They chose the only other option offered: “Chris and Rihanna together are poison.”

Yikes. There you have it. Stay tuned.

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