Chris Brown, Rihanna Not Dating…Because Rih Is Bisexual? New Photo Sparks Rumors

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Chris Brown and Rihanna may not be dating after all and maybe it’s all down to Rih being bisexual. Though there have been rumors before, a new photo is bringing them back to life after it was published on a gossip site.

Apparently, RiRi likes to get freaky with girls. More particularly, her assistant.

A new photo that was reportedly taken backstage at one of Rih’s recent concerts appears to show Rih doing something inappropriate with her assistant.

It’s not exactly clear what they are doing but it sure doesn’t look like they are just being friendly with each other.

Here’s what Media Take Out is reporting:

“ showed you IMAGES last year of Rihanna KISSING her female assistant JenRosales. Well now we got MORE PICS.

Someone snuck this shot backstage . . . of Jenn appearing to be sucking on Rihanna’s breast.

We’re sure RIHANNA STANS would have some perfectly logical explanation for the pic . . . but OUR EYES tell us all we need to know.”

What do you think? Is this the reason Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t together?

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