Chris Brown, Rihanna Reconciliation Causes Twitter Hate Fest

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Chris Brown has kicked Karrueche Tran to the curb to be with Rihanna. The two loony lovebirds are finally together again, and all is right with the world. Or not. It seems a lot of Chris’ and RihRih’s (former?) fans are mad as hell about “Chrianna’s” reconciliation, and they’re making their displeasure known on the famous couple’s favorite social media site, Twitter.

Yes, as everyone who hasn’t been vacationing in Vladivostok surely knows, Mr. Breezy and his “Birthday Cake” loving ex are once again a couple. Some of CB and RihRih’s many fans are no doubt bursting with joy at the once embattled lovebirds’ newly regained happiness. Others, not so much. In fact, the Breezy/Rihanna reconciliation has caused an outpouring of “hate” on Twitter.

Some fans expressed their dismay at the notorious couple’s recoupling in no uncertain terms, yet nevertheless managed to remain polite and respectful—sort of.

“Nobody understands how much i Love rihanna & chris brown,” one such fan wrote, adding: “but hate them so much together.”

Ouch. And speaking of pain and suffering, others didn’t mince words in describing how they envision the inevitable outcome of Rihanna’s reuniting with Mr. Breezy. Hint: It’s initials are E R.

“I can’t believe Rihanna is getting back w/ Chrs Brown,” mused an obviously outraged fan. “Really? How can u take back someone that beat the crap out of u?! #greatrolemodel”

“Rihanna clearly doesn’t like her face as it is,” opined another. “That could be the only reason she hooking up wid Chrs Brown again.”

“Did Chrs Brown hit Rihanna so hard that she actually forgot about him punchin her face?” another asked sarcastically. “Why else would she still be attracted to him?”

Why indeed?

“Rihanna is dating Chrs Brown again,” observed another fan sarcastically. “They will be starring in a new movie remake of the Ike and Tina Turner story.”

So, there you have it. Whatever the world, and their fans may think of the newly re-created couple, only time can reveal what will happen next. Will the famous couple rebuild their relationship, marry, have kids, and enjoy happy, fulfilling lives? Or will their new romance eventually implode like the old, and end with Mr. Breezy hanging out on the cell block with his BFF Bubba while Rihanna forges a new relationship with her reconstructive plastic surgeon?

What do you think?

Stay tuned.

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