Chris Brown, Rihanna Record Themselves Having Sex for a Song—OMG

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Chris Brown and Rihanna are no stranger to crazy, off the wall rumors but the latest one is more out in left field than the others.

According to one gossip site, Chris and Rih were working late in the studio on Friday night as they recorded a naughty new dance track. Apparently, one part of the song requires them both to moan like they’re in ecstasy but neither of them could do it.

So, what’d they do?

They asked everyone to leave—except the sound engineer—and then had sex in the recording booth so that the moaning on the track was real.


Of course, there’s probably no truth to that. If there were then everyone would be turned off by the track just knowing what was going on when it was recorded.

However, Media Take Out claims it’s true. Here’s what they’re saying:

“The new couple was in the booth BY THEMSELVES, with only a sound engineer watching. And we’re told that the two actually GOT IT POPPIN IN THE BOOTH – to ensure that the moans sounded real.”

Do you believe that Chris Brown and Rihanna actually did this? Or is this just another crazy rumor pulled out of someone’s hat to create drama?

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