Chris Brown, Rihanna Stunning Wedding Rumors

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Could a Chris Brown and Rihanna wedding be in the mix? Looking at the tabloids this week, one might think that Brown and RiRi were not just back together, but ready to take the next step in their relationship and get married.

Not so fast! It looks like all the tabloid rumors tying Chris Brown and Rihanna together in holy matrimony are pretty much hogwash.

The good people at Rumorfix have rebuffed the rumor that Rihanna has agreed to marry Brown. With blogs working overtime to say that Rihanna had somehow forgiven Brown’s physical attacks from three years ago, it was hard to believe that she would now commit to him “for better or worse.” It would make Rihanna look almost suicidal.

True, it has been three years since Chris Brown beat the snot out of RiRi and people change, but if his recent iPhone theft issue is any indication, Breezy might not have changed as quite as much as ‘Team Breezy’ would give him credit for.

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