Chris Brown, Rihanna Trash Each Other Bitterly on Twitter–Are They Finally Through?

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The inexplicable battle for Chris Brown may soon be over. As everyone who hasn’t spent the last few months in lockdown knows, a war is being waged over the felonious Grammy winner by his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna and his current girlfriend, the long-suffering and inexplicably loyal Karrueche. As RiRi’s and Karrueche’s cyber catfight grew increasingly more furious, fans and foes alike wondered if and when CB would step in and break it up. In fact, many wished he would. Now it seems he may have done exactly that. On March 31, the heretofore Mr. Breezy posted a message on Twitter that indicated he’s tired of the drama and he wants Rihanna to leave him alone.

It all started when RiRi, who obviously has way too much time on her hands, tweeted her ex a scathing taunt.

“If u don’t want me, someone else will… if I’m not good enough!” Rihanna wrote to Chris Brown, in what has been called “a blatant attempt to get his sympathy — and rally her fans against him!” Right. As if they needed one.

On that very same day, the usually mild-mannered Mr. Breezy came out swinging.

“Eventually people grow up,” he wrote, “and get wiser to the bulls**t!”


So, there you have it. Chris Brown finally speaks. But what, if anything, did he actually say? Was he blowing Rihanna off once and for all by telling her to grow up and leave him and his true girlfriend, Karrueche alone? Or was he just being his mean, egomaniacal–er–individualistic, macho self? It is interesting that with all the terrible things that Rihanna has said about Karrueche–including but not limited to racial slurs–the ever-gentlemanly Mr. Breezy intervened in the Twitter war only after she dissed him. As long as the women were trashing each other, he sat back and enjoyed–er–stayed out of it.

Oh well, hopefully Rihanna has learned her lesson and can get on with her life. Hopefully, so will Karrueche. Eventually.

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