Chris Brown Shares New Tattoo!

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It looks like Chris Brown has some new ink. Late Monday night, Breezy took to Twitter to share a photograph of what appears to be a new tattoo.

Chris has never been one to shy away from a little body ink, that’s for sure. Now it looks like Chris Brown has a new tattoo, though it is unclear from the photo he posted to Twitter if it is actually his and where on his body that he got the work done.

The art, which he is calling “The Bandit,” appears to be a self-portrait of Breezy wearing a hoodie and a gas mask. If fans had followed Chris’ Twitter feed earlier in the day, they would have seen an actual photograph of Chris wearing a gas mask.

So the question remains, is this really a new tattoo for Chris Brown, or just a tattoo idea that he is floating past his fans? Odds are pretty good that Breezy got some new ink. That certainly is one way to spend a quiet Monday night.

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