Chris Brown Still Being Chased By Relentless Rihanna?

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Chris Brown and Rihanna seemed to have parted ways but a new report indicates that Rih is chasing her man and won’t stop until she gets him.

While C Breezy seems relatively happy with his new girlfriend, Karrueche, it looks like Rihanna thinks that he belongs with her instead. Why is she so persistent?

Apparently, Rihanna recently said that no one can keep her away from Breezy and she tweeted this following to make her point :

“I just wanna set u on fire so I don’t have to burn alone, then you’ll know where I’m comin from,” Rihanna tweeted. “Where I’m goin I don’t need my brakes.”

Do you think that tweet has to do with Chris Brown or is it meant for someone else? Is Rih really that desperate?

Most likely Chris Brown and Rihanna are happy with where things stand in real life but gossip blogs and tabloids are constantly taking things out of context. It’s doubtful that Rih is that desperate for Breezy’s affection.

Do you agree?

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