Chris Brown Taking Karrueche on Tour? Her CrypticTweet Says Yes and Disses Rihanna Too

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Those who thought they’d had heard the last of the Chris Brown/Rihanna/Karrueche triangular romance should check out Twitter. On November 17, the supposedly long discarded Karrueche posted a short, sweet tweet that may or may not be replete with hidden meaning. For those who are not hysterical—er—dedicated Mr. Breezy fans, November 17 was the date he embarked upon his new Carpe Diem tour. Good grief. Carpe diem? Does the felon even know the meaning of that Latin phrase? Whatever.

Anyway, on 11/17/12, Karrueche Tran posted a short, sweet, oddly cryptic Tweet.

“12 12 12,” the model wrote.

Cute, but what the hell does it mean? Well, CB’s tour consists of 12 European concerts. Rihanna is also performing abroad right now with her 777 tour which will take her to seven different cities in a single week. Quelle coincidence. Was Karrueche slyly dissing Rihanna? Probably. But, so what? With these two crazy ladies that’s just par for the course. The question is, is La Tran’s cryptic tweet telling the world, AKA Rihanna, that she’s going to join CB on tour? Or at the very least visit him? It’s very possible. Especially when viewed in conjunction with a message she posted two days later.

On November 19, Tran was spotted out and about in California. That morning she’d Tweeted:

“earrly start… much to do today…”

Were Karrueche’s cryptic tweets meant to anger Rihanna who has long been the undisputed queen of cryptic tweets, and to steal her thunder? Even more important, is Karrueche preparing to fly away into Chris Brown’s waiting arms.

Only she and CB know for sure. Rihanna will find out soon enough. The rest of the world will have to wait.

Stay tuned.

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