Chris Brown to Make a Line of Toys?

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Chris Brown is apparently teaming up with an artist to create a line of toys and novelty jewelry, but why? Could it be that the recording artist is getting bored with being just another rapper?

Sources report that Chris Brown is teaming up with artist Ron English for the designs. The series of jewelry pieces and toys will be called Dum English Astronaut Series, which doesn’t appear to make sense but must be some hip symbolic way to put imagery to their ideas of being a celebrity. To be completely honest, it seems like a pretty stupid idea and the designs don’t look like anything different from what you’d see at a hip-hop stall in a Los Angeles flea market. Hey, that’s just the truth.

According to sources, the inspiration in part comes from Chris Brown’s 2009 assault on singer Rihanna and how it shaped his career in these recent years. So basically, it’s trying to put an artistic and kitschy spin on what happens when a popular person does something terrible, and people simply stop liking him. It’s like saying, “Sorry I beat up women. Buy one of these neat looking toys. It’s art!”

(Insert eye-roll here)

Would you consider purchasing any of the items in the Dum English Astronaut series?

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