Chris Brown to Take Karrueche to Rihanna’s Halloween Party?

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Rumor has it Chris Brown may bring Karrueche with him to Rihanna’s Halloween party. Will Rihanna be O.K. with that? Will there be a scene?

In a world of uncertainties, one thing is for sure: Mr. Breezy will definitely show up at Rihanna’s star-studded Halloween bash at Greystone Manor on October 31. The only thing that remains uncertain is, will he show up with his recently cast-off girlfriend and current condo tenant, Karrueche Tran? Even CB’s friends are reportedly advising him to leave La Tran at the condo to pass out candy to Trick or Treaters, or something.

“Even though [is] Ri cool with what’s going on [between the three of them], I ain’t sure if she [is] trying to have KT all up in her party,” muses an inside source. “And KT don’t want to go. Ri’s crew don’t like her. KT should keep her a** at home.” (sic)

Maybe the “Look at Me Now” singer will follow his friends’ incredibly sound advice. Or not. CB always does what he wants to do, even when it’s inappropriate or just plain dumb and vile. Besides, Mr. Breezy has more important matters on his messed up mind than keeping peace between his women. He hasn’t chosen a Halloween costume yet.

“He thought about going as HellBoy; he love[s] that movie, but that might be too much work. He just might wear plain clothes or a mask or some sh**.”

Right. Rihanna has reportedly spent over $100,000 on the party, which is rumored to have a guest list of more than 300 people. Sounds like a good time will definitely be had by all.

As for Chris Brown’s costume, Hellboy sounds close, but no cigar. The demon from “The Exorcist” sounds more like him.

Just a suggestion.

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