Chris Brown Troubled; Shows no Respect for Others

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Chris Brown is pretty much always in trouble. Why? Well, it’s probably because he doesn’t hold others in very high regard. He’s been in trouble for everything from assault to traffic violations. In fact, he just had a slew of traffic charges dismissed.

Sources report that Chris Brown just had 95 traffic violations dismissed in court, but he is still responsible for 22+ of the 110+ charges against him. Yes, you read that right. Chris had accumulated more than 100 tickets over a short period of time, because apparently he doesn’t care much for handicapped people or his old neighbors. He’s reported to have parked in handicap parking spaces, obviously several times, even though he’s not handicapped. Doesn’t Chris Brown realize what handicap spaces are for? The little dude in the wheelchair doesn’t mean “Free parking for rappers.” It means that physically disabled persons only get to park in them. Didn’t he learn that when he took his driver’s exams?

Former neighbors of the troubled hip-hop star say he had a habit of destroying and vandalizing property, which makes a lot of sense since they’re talking about the same guy who threw a chair through a window on the set of Good Morning America. The writer of the source seems to think that Chris’s troubles with law stems from the public’s “sour grapes” about his brutal assault on former girlfriend, Rihanna, in 2009. You see, it’s obvious that Chris Brown has some sort of anger issue. That’s clear by judging from the looks of his former girlfriend’s bruised and battered face. It’s also apparent by the shattered window that left glass scattered below in Times Square.

So it really can’t be sour grapes causing people to call the cops on Chris Brown, can it? It seems like whatever his issues are, they’re apparently released through violence and anger. It seems that someone should recommend that this young, troubled celebrity get some sort of anger management counseling as a preemptive measure against any further outbursts. Certainly one doesn’t want to go when it’s court-ordered, so why not do it on your own to prevent being in the headlines so negatively?

It seems that Chris Brown just has a pattern of disrespect for others. Parking in handicap spaces, beating up women and vandalizing property are all just markers of a troubled personality, and that’s just so very sad.


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