Chris Brown vs. Drake Fight Continues as Breezy Disses Drizzy on Twitter

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It appears that the Chris Brown vs. Drake fight is still going on. A recent tweet made by Breezy seems to be taking a serious shot at Drizzy, even though some thought the two had put their differences aside.

The Brown and Drake brawl that broke out last week in an NYC nightclub seems to just stay in the headlines. According to OMG Yahoo!, it appears Brown might be trying to keep the feud with Drake going, at least via social media. They note that Brown tweeted on Tuesday, June 19th:

“Don’t put yourself in a situation that you can’t handle. Certain lifestyles aren’t for everybody.”

Brown does a lot of talking on Twitter, whether it be cryptic messages to fans, Rihanna, or even other stars like Drake. It’s unknown what exactly Breezy was referring to in his latest note, but some may infer that he was talking about Drake staying away from the club? Or was he referring to the company Drake keeps? It’s tough to tell as the tweet isn’t totally clear, so it may not even be about Drizzy at all!

Do you think the recent tweet from Chris Brown is about Drake, or totally unrelated to their recent club fight incident?

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