Chris Brown vs. Drake Fight: NYC Nightclub Finds Tony Parker Lawsuit ‘Absurd’

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The latest on the Chris Brown vs. Drake fight that caused utter chaos, injury, and lawsuits inside an NYC nightclub involves a lawsuit filed by NBA star Tony Parker. The W.i.P. nightclub has recently responded to being sued, calling the idea “absurd” that they are responsible for what happened.

The report comes from TMZ regarding Parker’s $20 million lawsuit. The San Antonio Spurs guard filed the suit this past Thursday which said the club was at fault and should have known “there was bad blood between Drake and Brown.” It also alleges the club fueled the fight by selling and serving alcohol to the two musicians and their entourages.

However, the club feels this fight was out of their control, and that they reasonably did their best to stop the incident before it got out of hand. Sources close to the W.i.P. club have also said there were about 15 security guards working that night. Another source said, “Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac,” meaning they aren’t frequently involved in violent encounters, or fatal shootings. Some might say Brown is more of a troublemaker than Drake though.

Right now, this Chris Brown vs. Drake fight has spawned plenty of lawsuits, including Parker’s. The NYPD is still investigating what happened and who is at fault. No charges have been filed, and with the amounts of money that Breezy and Drizzy have in their bank accounts, it’s hard to believe they’ll be held accountable, if they hire the right legal teams. However, Parker’s no slouch either in terms of salary. It’s interesting he’s suing for so much, considering he was a friend of Brown’s, but he did sustain an eye injury which could possibly impact his career.

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