Chris Brown Vs. Odd Future: The Beef Goes On

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Chris Brown’s Twitter feud with the Odd Future‘s Frank Ocean and Tyler continues, although it seems to have become a bit one-sided. For the uninitiated, CB became engaged in a war of tweets when he objected to being compared to Ike Turner by Frank Ocean. Ocean had apparently come up with the Turner comparison in response to Brown’s comparing him (Ocean) to a “young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum.” All of this frenetic tweeting culminated in Brown exploding with rage in an obscene Twitter rant. Hard to imagine Brown going crazy like that, but it’s true. He later Tweeted a half-hearted apology to his fans.

The following day, Ocean and Tyler mentioned the incident in their sold out concert at the House of Blues. Reportedly, they trashed Chris Brown in front of the “hostile” audience.

“That ni***a’s a loser,” Ocean remarked.

“He beats up women,” chimed in Tyler.

“F*** Chris Brown,” was the audience’s enthusiastic response.

Reportedly, Chris Brown has not responded at all–either via Twitter or in any other way. Also, “the singer’s original tweets from this past Friday have also been since removed.”

Oh well, it’s good that Chris Brown has finally shut up. Now if he would only retire. The world can dream.

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