Chris Brown Warned Ashton Kutcher to Stay Away from Rihanna

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Did Chris Brown try to make sure that Rihanna doesn’t hook up with Ashton Kutcher ever again?

Chris might be spending tons of time with his model girlfriend Karrueche Tran, but their relationship has done nothing to quell rumors that Chris still has feelings for his ex. And of course Chris and RiRi just made matters worse by collaborating on two songs together, making it seem as though they almost enjoy all the speculation about their relationship.

But while it’s okay for Chris to reconnect with his ex while dating another woman, he reportedly doesn’t like the idea of RiRi being with another man. Rihanna was recently spotted leaving Ashton Kutcher’s apartment, and now she’s probably wishing she would have been a bit sneakier about it in order to avoid getting caught. Their rumored hookup has supposedly caused all sorts of problems – Ashton is upset because he doesn’t want all the attention, and according to Star (via MediaTakeOut), Chris Brown allegedly got angry about the hookup and warned Ashton to stay away from RiRi through their mutual friend Diddy. So if Rihanna loves drama, she should really be enjoying herself right now.

Judging from his past behavior, Ashton Kutcher doesn’t care who he hooks up with as long as they’re hot, and he should have no problem finding floozies to fool around with. So it’s unlikely he’s going to want to deal with all the craziness that comes with being with RiRi. This might be why she hasn’t been spotted with him again.

And as far as Chris Brown goes, hopefully he’s not really trying to mess around with Rihanna’s love life. Karrueche Tran is crazy for staying with him if he really is obsessing over RiRi – he needs to learn that he can’t get his way all the time, and he’s got to let RiRi move on. If the rumors are true, then it seems like he just doesn’t want RiRi to be happy without him. Maybe he doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship with RiRi because of the way the public would react, but perhaps it drives him crazy and hurts his ego any time that it looks like she’s moved on. However, it would be pretty sad and troublesome if he’s trying to control his ex’s life by threatening someone she might be hooking up with – such an action would be evidence that he hasn’t changed since his relationship with RiRi ended so violently.

So do you think that Chris really threatened Ashton?

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