Chris Brown Won’t Watch ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode Depicting Him and Rihanna

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Chris Brown refuses to watch the Law & Order: SVU episode that quite clearly depicted his assault on Rihanna. The episode detailed what could have happened in the situation–or what some believe might still happen if Rihanna stays with Breezy.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the episode featured a young couple who practically mirrored Chris and Rihanna’s situation Chris Brown and Rihannaduring the time his assault on the We Found Love singer took place. Sadly on the TV show, the young woman wound up far worse than Rihanna did in real life.

Sources say Chris has had more than enough scorn since his assault on Rihanna in 2009. He feels he served his time and is a changed man, and for that reason he refused to watch the episode when it aired on TV this week and won’t watch any recording of it either.

“It’s f**ked up, sad and very unfortunate and no, no way in hell did [Chris] watch that bulls**t,” a source close to Breezy says. “Why would he want to watch some old-a**, rehashed s**t that he already been through and the fact they would even try to air a show like that about their personal s**t is just trifling.”

The source suggests people take a closer look at the Don’t Wake Me Up singer and concentrate on the good things he does rather than on his past.

“Focus on some positive s**t — you don’t never hear about his charities and the s**t he do from his heart for other people. It’s just all negative s**t. It’s sad,” the source says.

Did you catch the Law & Order: SVU episode that aired this week on NBC? Do you agree it was a direct take off from Chris Brown and Rihanna’s lives?

It’s sad that situations like Ri and Breezy’s become sensationalized, but they are the ones people pay attention to. These incidents of domestic violence take place every day and people need to see what can happen when help isn’t sought and authorities don’t step in to prevent further violence.

Do you think perhaps Chris should watch a recording of the Law & Order: SVU episode to see what might have happened had he not been arrested and made to pay for what he did to Rihanna?

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