Chris Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me” Music Video (Watch It Now!)

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Chris Brown has released his new video for his single “Don’t Judge Me.” The song is about a relationship filled with unnecessary jealousy. In it, Breezy begs his girl to just stop listening to the rumors going around about him and other women—they simply aren’t true. Of course, many fans believe the song is autobiographical and that it shares the other side of the story about the downfall of his relationship with Rihanna, before the Grammy night incident.

The video, however, isn’t a play-by-play of the song’s lyrics. In fact, the green-eyed monster is nowhere to be seen. The video goes back and forth between two scenes: one of Chris and his girlfriend and another of him on a mission to save the world. (If you’re wondering, no his love interest does not resemble Rihanna nor Karrueche.) While his lady is distraught, not wanting him to go, the pop singer knows he’s meant to do something big for the world and everyone he loves, even though it’s a “suicide mission.”

Some will find this video beautiful. Others will just find it corny and will be left asking questions like, “Why was the reporter so damn distraught??”

Watch it now, and then share your opinions in the comment section about Chris Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me” video.

CHRIS BROWN “DON’T JUDGE ME” from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

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