Chris Brown’s Explosive Tweets – Do They Spell `The End?’

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If you’re on Twitter, as I am, rarely do you see celebrity Tweets such as the explosive ones posted by Chris Brown today.

Chris Brown exploded on Twitter talking about the record industry, major retailers and how he’s being blackballed. Some of his Tweets — which are quite vulgar — have been reposted on gossip sites.

Although I have never met Chris Brown, I did speak with him during a 2007 phone interview. He struck me as a very cordial, polite man intent on a career in music while keeping his core family values. He spoke a lot about his father — a blue-collar man who believed in his son and made the contacts that eventually got Brown to the right people who helped him secure success. He also spoke admiringly of Michael Jackson, who he had revered since childhood and who had called Brown “A shiny new star.” Jackson’s praise left Brown almost speechless.

In the story, published in the now-defunct Baltimore Examiner Newspaper, I wrote “What a Difference A Year Makes.” The gist of the story was that in just 12 months an 18-year old Tappahannock, Virginia native who signed with Jive Records when he was 16 went from unknown to a star of such megawatt power that he seemed destined for superstardom.


In part, I wrote the following for The Baltimore Examiner Newspaper:

“It seems the most skeptical critic watching the man who is certainly the Prince of Pop may be Brown himself, who modestly notes that he’s flattered by the kudos but has a “long way to go” in the business.”

Although I don’t often cover Brown anymore, his modesty and humble attitude impressed me so that I’ve continued to follow his career. But again, what a difference a year makes.

I’ve watched in a bit of jaded horror as the events with Rihanna — which happened just this past February — unfolded. The probation reports in The Washington Post and other publications that mention Brown’s exemplary attitude and service certainly jibe with my impressions.

But other reports – including today’s Tweets — seem as if Brown has lost his way.

I won’t kid you – that makes me very sad.

What do you think? Do you believe that Brown’s Tweets are a sign that he just can’t recover from the aftermath of the Rihanna incident? Or was my initial impression of him incorrect?


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