Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant

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Recently, Chris Brown has been riding a whirlwind of success–in spite of his legal woes and negative media image. His parking violations, neighbor complaints, and Twitter war with Fox News notwithstanding, the volatile-tempered star has nevertheless enjoyed a series of triumphs from his “killer” appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards to his FAME Tour. Breezy seems to be having a ball and making millions in the process. More power to him. But maybe he should have invested some of his money in condoms, because his girlfriend is reportedly pregnant.

Yes, according to Media Takeout, Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Karrauche, is knocked up. The unbelievable–er–happy news was just leaked by a reportedly “extremely reliable snitch.” The insider is allegedly a friend of Karrauche, who apparently heard the bizarre–er–happy news “directly from Karrauche’s mouth.” And the friend swears that Karrauche is definitely 2 months pregnant.


Or not. Even more bizarre than the idea of Chris Brown facing fatherhood is that, according to the inside source, the pregnancy wasn’t accidental. It was planned. In fact, the friend claims 22-year-old Chris Brown and 21-year-old Karrauche have been trying to conceive a child for quite some time. Apparently, “they’re happy to be pregnant.”

Well, there you have it. There’s nothing more to say. Except that, apparently, in the life of Chris Brown, wonders actually never cease.

Media Takeout has predicted that the news of this event will soon be “all over the Internet,” so stay tuned.

Wonder what Fox News will have to say about it?

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