Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Lashes Out at Twitter Haters

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Poor Chris Brown. Mr. Breezy just can’t seem to control his women. Well, actually he can. And he does a damn good job of it too—that is, as long as he keeps them away from social media sites. First, Rihanna posts all those silly—er—intriguingly cryptic messages. And now his favorite lady number two (or is it number one?) Karrueche Tran comes out swinging, trashing her haters on Twitter.

On October 2, Karrueche vented some obviously long pent-up frustration about the negative posts she has to endure on Twitter. She also insisted that she is very happy with her life in spite of what the haters may think, say, write, or try to do.

“Life is too short to be anything but happy,” wrote CB’s official squeeze.

Later she added: “Reading some of yall’s catty a** tweets is so damn depressing! Drama drama drama ugh!”

Poor Karrueche. Of course, when you’re involved in a high-profile triangular relationship with two stars far above your mini-watt magnitude, what can you expect? It’s interesting that La Tran chose to diss the haters by flaunting her own happiness. When you’re reduced to telling your enemies how happy you are, it usually means you’re… not.

Oh well, best of luck to Karrueche as she rides the whirlwind. Ditto to her fellow masochist—er—”Umbrella” singing bronco buster, Rihanna.

As for the Teflon-coated Chris Brown, he doesn’t seem to need good luck.

You go, Mr. Breezy

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