Chris Brown’s Karrueche Caught in Public Sans Pants or Skirt–Is She Chasing Rihanna?

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Chris Brown’s still official lady-love Karrueche Tran was spotted out and about in NY sporting a white tee-shirt, dark purse, mannish-looking shoes, and—oops–nothing else. La Tran obviously forgot to put on any pants, shorts, or skirt. Was she sleepy? Hung over? High? Or is she just chasing Rihanna?

On August 11, Karrueche Tran was photographed with Mr. Breezy on a shopping trip in Soho. While CB and his bodyguards were normally dressed, La Tran’s costume was…eccentric. And that’s putting it mildly and kindly. The model wore nothing beneath her tee except a plaid long-sleeved shirt which she had obviously tied around her waist underneath the tee. Her naked upper thighs were clearly visible, and the plaid shirt sleeves were also visible hanging from beneath the shirt covering her crotch and swinging between her knees.


So, was Karrueche’s bizarre “Got-Dressed-in-the-Dark” ensemble a new fashion statement, or has the stress of living with the volatile Mr. Breezy finally sent her round the bend? Well, it could be both. Or neither. Maybe La Tran is simply chasing Rihanna.

“If you can’t beat ‘em,” advises the hoary cliché, “join ‘em.” Or in the case of Karrueche and Rihanna, become them. Sadly, this strategy probably won’t work for Tran. The uniquely beautiful RihRih can run around wearing a brief top and no bottoms and pull it off. Karrueche, not so much. Although La Tran is an extremely attractive woman, she lacks Rihanna’s intrinsically sexual intensity and stylistic individuality. She is, after all, a model. She is not a style setter. Interestingly, Mr. Breezy seemed oblivious to Karrueche’s odd fashion choice. As you can see in the photo here, he’s walking ahead of her with his bodyguards, neither noticing nor caring. Typical. And sad.

If Karrueche’s weird outfit is indeed just another form of competition with Rihanna, then it looks like the “Birthday Cake” singer has won another round. That too is sad. Because when two women compete for an unworthy man, the winner will ultimately be the loser. So there are no winners. Except of course, the unworthy man.

And speaking of Chris Brown, the ball’s in his court. As always.

Stay tuned.

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