Chris Brown’s Mother Wants Rihanna to Get Back with Him

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Chris Brown’s mother reportedly wants to help Rihanna get her life back on track and is ready to try to arrange a reconciliation between Chris and RiRi.

Since their breakup, many fans of the singers have split into “Team Rihanna” and “Team Chris,” making Twitter a bit of a battlefield for the two groups – Brown once temporarily shut his Twitter page down after having a minor meltdown over some pro-RiRi tweets.

But things have evidently gotten better since the poor successful rich boy suffered his little Twitter tantrum, and he and RiRi are both feeling the love – in fact, some people think that the former couple have been sending each other not-so-secret love tweets, with Chris Brown’s mom even taking part in the Twitter love fest.

So it’s not that surprising that In Touch is reporting on the possibility of Rihanna and Brown getting back together. According to the mag (via Celebitchy), Chris’ mom is actually the one trying to pull the strings – Joyce Hawkins has reportedly reached out to RiRi to try and help her “sort out her life.”

There have been plenty of reports about RiRi partying too hard, drinking a lot, suffering from exhaustion, and complaining about not being able to find love. But it’s really hard to believe that getting back together with the man that beat her is going to make things better. Chris and his former ladylove have allegedly been keeping in touch via email and text (and now maybe Twitter), but RiRi’s management is trying to keep her from meeting up with him.

Of course this could backfire; by treating RiRi like a teenage girl and banning her from seeing a boy, it’s going to make her want to rebel and see him even more. The singer might already feel like her record company is being too controlling, so this situation might not end well.

It also doesn’t help that Chris Brown’s mother seems to believe that RiRi needs to get back together with her ex. Here’s what a source told In Touch about her intentions: “Joyce is worried about her. She knew Rihanna as a sweet, young girl who was more interested in her career than partying all night long. If Rihanna thinks being with Chris will help her pull out of her tailspin, Joyce will make it happen.”

So could the recent tweets of RiRi, Chris Brown, and Joyce Hawkins be evidence that a reconciliation is in the works? Hopefully not – by getting back with Brown, RiRi would be sending a message to her young female fans that physical abuse in a relationship is okay, and getting back with him certainly won’t make all of her problems go away.

So what do you think? Are RiRi and Chris considering a reconciliation?

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