Chris Christie for President: Yes, No, Maybe

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It seems that Chris Christie cannot make up his mind whether he wants to throw his hat into the presidential ring or not. One day he says “no”, the next day he says “maybe”….so what’s up with the Governor of New Jersey? Perhaps the citizens of the Garden State are so anxious to get rid of him they are willing to tell him anything to help him make up his mind. Many are sorry they voted for him and want him gone.

Sources close to the governor say an announcement should/could/might come as early as Monday. It seems the man with little experience is getting his motivation from his idols including Nancy Reagan, Henry Kissinger and none other than George W. Bush, according to the New York Post.

Ok, this political back-and-forth has been going on long enough Chris Christie. Let’s make a decision one way or the other. Someone told Christie that he has what it takes to be president, but unless the race is fixed no one can guaranty that! If you think you can win and do a good job, then go for it. If you are just looking for publicity for a book deal or whatever, then move along.

Chris Christie, make up your mind. There are important things going on and your indecision is just adding more drama to the GOP, which already has way too much of it!

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