Chris Collins: ‘People Now Don’t Die’ of Cancer…Another GOP Candidate Has No Clue

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Chris Collins, a GOP candidate for the House of Representatives out of New York, spoke out saying that “people now don’t die” of prostate or breast cancer. Of course as word spread about Collins’ statement he began to back peddle hard and fast. Claiming his words were taken out of context and blaming the fact that he is not a politician and comes from the private sector. Like that is going to make anyone feel any better.

File:White House lawn.jpgCollins was criticizing the health care reform. How many more republicans is the country going to listen to when it comes to health care? Hell if they are all as stupid as Chris Collins the country shouldn’t be listening to them at all. Well there really is no if. They are almost all as stupid as Chris Collins.

His opponent Kathy Hochul, a democrat, stated that Collins claim that people just don’t die of breast and prostate cancer anymore seemed very much in context. Hochul said there are issues with the health care reform but it is important to allow Congress to work on these things since the Supreme Court has ruled it constitutional. It seems the democrat out of New York understand that extending healthcare to those with preexisting conditions is necessary because cancer is still a killer.

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