Chris Daughtry Dead or Alive? Rumors Send Fans into a Frenzy

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Is Chris Daughtry dead or alive? Fans were scrambling to find out the American Idol alum’s fate today after rumors spread that he was dead. But is he?

The rumors reportedly began after the website Wikipedia posted information about Chris being dead. But, don’t worry, the successful singer is far from dead!

Chris Daughtry hit back after he began trending on Twitter and everyone assumed he was dead. You’d think that by now fans would know that Sunday seems to be a big day for celebrity death hoaxes, but maybe not everyone follows all of the celeb gossip each week.

“Oh Wikipedia, The source of all things true. Haha! NOT!! I’m NOT dead, I don’t even own an apartment AND my birthday is NOT Jan 14th!” he said. “Where does this crap come from? People with too much time on their hands and no purpose? Crazy.”

Yes, it is crazy but there are people out there who seem to find it fun and funny when they see people wondering if the rumors are true.

So, now you know, Chris Daughtry is not dead at all! Thank goodness for that!

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