Chris Dorner Siege Compared to Waco

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The killing of Chris Dorner is being likened to the siege at the Branch Davidian complex twenty years ago in Waco, Texas. Is there some type of conspiracy? Did the LAPD intentionally torch the house in which he was holed up, in order to silence the former patrolman-turned-cop-killer?

This entire case is strange. There are so many unanswered questions, but now the public will never learn the truth. Undoubtedly, the fired cop was a multiple murderer who deserved to die painfully. He had already slain several innocents, and was promising to take out even more. And with him gone, taxpayers are spared the cost of a lengthy trial and incarceration. so there’s of course an upside to what happened Tuesday.

Nonetheless, it’s impossible not to note minor similarities with the Chris Dorner incident and the siege at Waco. First of all, authorities ordered the media to shut off their cameras, right before the ski cabin went up in flames. What’s more, it’s still unclear how the vacation cabin was torched. Were incendiary devices used? Did the fugitive killer set the fire himself? And, was Chris Dorner really given a chance to surrender, as the authorities claim, or are they lying?

Even though he was a despicable person, he still deserved his day in court. There should be no place for vigilante justice in the United States. And, by killing him this way, the fired cop will become a martyr to people who already hold grievances against the government and the police.

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