Chris Jericho Talks About His WWE Future

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It has been a couple of weeks since Chris Jericho left the WWE, the reasoning for him being written off television is not yet clear, but the rumour is that Jericho wanted to take time off wrestling to pursue interests with his hugely popular metal rock band Fozzy. During a recent interview Jericho addressed the one question that always seems to follow the man behind “Y2J” the most, just when will he return to wrestling?

Below is an excerpt from the interview where Chris Jericho talks about the potential of a return to wrestling:

“It makes me laugh because we do signings every day at Uproar after our show. We have great fans but probably, I’d say one out of ten of them, will say ‘When are you coming back to wrestling?’ It’s like, it hasn’t been a week. Last week I lost the thing and then it’s like on a Wednesday – ‘When are you coming back?’ What is the percentage? I don’t know.

Depends what we have going on tour-wise. I don’t think we have anything booked as of yet. I know we’re going to Australia at the beginning of March with Metallica. I don’t when exactly. When is WrestleMania? At the beginning of April? There’s always a chance.

Once again, it all depends on what’s going on with Fozzy and where we’ll be at with the band. There’s always a chance. I definitely don’t want to make this something where I’m on for another year again. If there’s something where I can pop in from time to time. I think that would be pretty cool. Let’s say as of right now there’s a 50-50 chance.”

It is impossible to imagine that Chris Jericho wont return to the WWE at some point; however, it was quite surprising that he returned in January only to be gone again by the end of August, especially after such a long and anticipated buildup. It was clear that Jericho had not lost any of the skill he once had during this recent stint with the WWE, and it was quite shocking to see him leave shortly after his character had just became a “face” again and was getting over hugely with the fans.


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Many also believe that Chris Jericho was hugely important in getting up and coming wrestler Dolph Ziggler ready for a run with the World Heavyweight title, and as days go on, the feeling that Ziggler will take the WWE to big heights in the future is becoming more powerful and hotly talked about.

Wrestlemania is only 7 months away, will wrestling fans see Chris Jericho return to the WWE in time for WM29 next year?

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