Chris Kaman Trade Rumors Addressed, Miami Heat Still Interested?

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Chris Kaman trade rumors include the Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics now. It was Kaman who recently addressed the trade rumors though, relaying his feelings about getting mentioned in so many possible deals from the New Orleans Hornets.

According to the Times Picayune, Kaman stated that he didn’t care what the Hornets decided to do. He went on to state, “So if they want to trade me, trade me. If they want to keep me, keep me. I don’t care, but not in a disrespectful way. I just know I can’t control that part of it, so it’s something I don’t care about. That’s something for my agent to deal with, and I don’t think Coach cares about it.”

Kaman’s response is about as honest as it gets, but it also shows a level of frustration that the team could end up trading him to any of a group of destinations. That includes both East and West Coast teams, leaving his future really up in the air. Kaman definitely has value to offer at the center position and all of these teams become much improved with a trade to acquire him. The question becomes what the Hornets would accept in return.

After giving up Chris Paul in the trade that brought in Kaman, the franchise may not want to part with him after the other piece (Eric Gordon) went down with a serious knee injury. It seems very likely that Kaman is going to play for another team in the second half of March, but it’s anyone’s guess as to which one that will become.

Which team do you think would benefit the most from acquiring Chris Kaman? Could the Miami Heat become even more dominant with Kaman at center?

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