Chris Kanyon WWE Gay Wrestler Star Died – Chris Kanyon Suicide

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Chris Kanyon has died. The details of Chris Kanyon’s death that are unclear. Some reports point to a Chris Kanyon suicide. A friend reported that there were notes and a pill bottle laying near Chris Kanyon’s body when it was found in his New York apartment last night, which points to a possible Chris Kanyon suicide.

Chris Kanyon was known as Mortis in the WCW. In the WWE, Chris Kanyon was part of the WCW/ECW Alliance. Chris Kanyon was no longer part of the WWE storyline after he came out as a gay man.

After he retired from wrestling, Chris Kanyon appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show. This year, Kanyon took a break from his retirement to wrestle again in the ring.

There is no word yet on what any of the possible suicide notes contained. RIP Chris Kanyon. Chris Kanyon’s real name was Chris Klucsaritis.

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