Chris Rene Remixes Bob Marley on ‘The X Factor’ USA Final 10 Performance Show

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When The X Factor USA final 10 rock music-themed performance show aired on November 16, Boys group member Chris Rene showed a different side of himself with a Bob Marley tune that earned a mixed review from the panel of mentors.

During his taped pre-performance segment, group mentor L.A. Reid said that he’d found that the key to making Chris really tick was heavy doses of “moral support.” As a recovering alcoholic, Chris shared that he’s been going to meetings, reading, writing, and talking with his support team to keep himself sober. The affable Chris shared that he was excited about his song choice because it reminds him of his childhood and spending time with his mom. L.A. predicted that he’d “nail it.” But did he?

Singing a remixed version of Bob Marley’s “Everything’s Gonna be Alright,” a hat-less, sunglassed, more pretty boy version of Chris Rene hit the stage. He worked the crowd well and exuded a solid sense of confidence.

The X Factor USA Over 30s mentor Nicole Scherzinger called it “very original” but said it wasn’t her favorite performance by Chris. Groups mentor Paula Abdul validated L.A.’s song choice and said to Chris, “I buy into you, you’re original.” Simon Cowell said he “loved the performance” but complained that it was reggae and not rock music. He lit into L.A. for not sticking to the theme. L.A. praised Chris for staying on key and defended Bob Marley as a genuine rock star, despite Simon’s criticism.

To see if Chris Rene makes it to next week’s round of X Factor USA competition, watch Thursday’s results show on FOX.

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