Chris Rock Helps Pregnant Woman – Used his Trademark Humor to Keep Woman Calm till Help Came

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Chris Rock helped a pregnant woman at the Garden State Plaza mall. Rock used his trademark humor to keep the pregnant woman calm until an ambulance was called. Rock had the woman and a crowd of concerned shoppers laughing until help arrived! So, which jokes did the comedian used?

Chris Rock Poster 24in x36inApparently, Chris Rock was shopping in the  Neiman Marcus Department store at the Garden Plaza State mall in New Jersey when he encountered the pregnant woman. Just before she stepped on an escalator, her water broke. Rock saw what was happening and came to the rescue.

The comedian’s quick tongue distracted the pregnant woman until help arrived. A witness stated, “He was making the crowd, and the woman in labor, laugh…She recognized who he was immediately, and he stayed there until the paramedics took her away.”

What a courageous thing to do! Who would have thought Chris Rock would be the type of person to rescue a dame in distress? The father of two probably used humor to distract his own wife, Malaak Compton-Rock, when she was in labor. Unfortunately, no reports have surfaced on which jokes helped the pregnant woman stay calm, but it’s a safe bet the jokes were distractingly hilarious.

Rock wasn’t afraid to help a pregnant woman and it shows how down-to-earth he is. Rock is an actor, a comic, a father, a husband and now, he is a hero. Share your thoughts and join in the conversation. For more stories that may perk your interest, click here.

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