Christ and the Bank Bailout

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Christ told a parable that I believe has some significance to today's current economic problem.  And, no, I am not a conservative about to pontificate about self-reliance and being prepared like the wise versus the foolish virgins, etc.  No the story that I wish to relate is about the debtor who has a huge past due obligation and goes to his lord to beg a great forgiveness and the creditor has mercy upon him.  The debtor then goes out and immediately puts the squeeze on some small debtor owing a small amount.

Now what is the relevance?  Well, the government has just, wisely or unwisely, injected billions of dollars into the big financial institutions of this land in order to stabilize the system so we would not have another large "too big to fail" bank failure.  What did the banks do?  They continued to raise interest rates, ding debtors with fine print rate adjusment clauses raising debtors payments on their adjustable rate loans and increasing fees and rates on their credit cards.

Yet, among all of the right wing pontifications whatdo we hear?  We hear complaints about the notion of bailing out people who incurred debts they can no longer afford because the rates have adjusted upwards.  We often hear on their lips, "What would Jesus do?"  Well?

I am so tired of hearing the strange right wing pseudo-Christian drumbeat that suggests that Christ would have fired out rocks at the adultress till there was no tommorrow and patted the money-changers on the back at the Temple and said keep up the good work.

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