Christian Cult Leader an ‘Ex-Gay’ Evangelical

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The leader of the Christian cult connected to the murder of Bethany Deaton is a self-proclaimed ‘ex-gay’ minister — which is something else that connects him to the International House of Prayer. The “pray the gay away” mentality is one that IHOP is known for having, with more than one so called ‘ex-gay’ minister in their ranks. The reason why it’s news that Tyler Deaton is among those ranks is because of the latest accusations being made against him.

Tyler Deaton

Not only is Tyler accused of calling for the murder of his wife Bethany Deaton, but he’s accused of participating in multiple sexual encounters with the males in the community he presided over as a “spiritual leader.” This goes to show that the whole “pray the gay away” thing is a wash, but it also reveals what kind of socially unacceptable behavior may come from stifling one’s sexual identity. Would this man have gone down the path he is currently on had he not been coerced by religion to believe being homosexual is “wrong?”

Regardless of the “what ifs” in this situation, it’s good that Tyler Deaton is being investigated with other members of the IHOP-affiliated cult he is the leader of. Hopefully Bethany Deaton can get justice for what happened to her, and this story serves as a warning, or an eye-openener, to those who are blind to what happens right in their own communities under the guise of religion and fellowship.

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