Christian Kane Offers Up a Little Leverage & a Free Song

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Christian Kane is a rock ‘em sock ‘em, good old country boy singer who also happens to star on one of the best shows on TV – Leverage!

First thing you have to do is set your DVR to record Leverage on TNT every week. It’s a wonderful show about a group of thieves and grifters who team up to do good. Every week they perform a Mission Impossible style con in order to get justice for a very needy client. Tonight, they’re out to shut down a sweat shop but as it sometimes does, they get in a little over their heads. That’s when the Leverage team needs a little Leverage of their own.

Next thing you have to do is go see Christian’s brand new website at

Look at the lower right part of the site and you’ll see a download for a free song. Christian is giving away a free download of his wonderful tune House Rules. It’s kind of a Southern rock song with a bit of country twang and it’s one of my favorites.

No excuses here folks. If you like a good action TV series and you love some hard country rock – you have to check out Christian Kane on Leverage and at his new website! (I’m a fan, in case you couldn’t tell! ;) )

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