Christianity, Cultural or Biblical?

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There are those who often judge a Christian by atrocities committed in the name of “Christianity” through the ages, including our own times. So to help clear the fog,   an explaination is offered. Those wars, persecutions, and cruelties some use to accuse, actually  had little or nothing to do with true Biblical Christianity. But they had everything to do with man’s greedy, power-hungry human nature which seeks its own ways rather than God’s.  Expressions of  human nature may change from culture to culture, but the result is usually the same.  People will imagine a god that fits their cultural wants and values, and then embrace the distortion as being the true church.
Biblical Christianity is simply being joined to Jesus Christ through faith in what He did for us at the cross, then allowing Him to live His life through us, so that others might come to know Him and see His love.

(Btw folks, love can often include sharing God’s warnings as well as His love and promises.)

Cultural Christianity is believed by the masses to represent genuine Christianity. Problem is it’s a religion based on humanist logic, “feel good” experiences, and popular interpretations of Scriptures. Belief that faith in one’s own good works and intentions are good enough for God. It views the bible as a collection of guidelines, allegories, myths, and stories useful for good living, while offensive verses must be ignored. The goal is people’s approval. Cultural Christians  aim to please, not offend, the world and its communities. Fun, feel-good fellowship. It’s source of strength is human abilities plus God’s help when “needed,” Seeing themselves as strong and capable if having self confidence. Sin is viewed as a normal part of life. Ignore it, or you might offend someone. Or enjoy it, for “God understands” one’s needs and inclinations. A cultural christian’s way of dealing with sin is just try to do better next time, or  tolerate it in ourselves and others. Don’t offend anyone by making them feel guilty. It’s definition of “caring for people” is to bring people to  church or the group. And don’t tolerate uncompromising Christians who might offend someone. Do to others as you would have others do to you. Their response to suffering is pray, endure, and trust that God will help. It’s okay to challenge God’s love, power, and purpose and  seek quick relief through whatever means available,  no matter how it conflicts with His Word. Commitment means to trust and follow feelings and human logic and that compromise is essential to avoid offending the world, while expecting to just get along and influence the world. Outreach is to adapt the church to the “community” so that everyone will feel at home. Daily hopes are success, acceptance of all people, fun and fellowship in this life.


Biblical Christianity on the other hand is a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ, based on faith. John 17:20-26; Rom. 8:37-39. We come to God through faith in Jesus Christ Who has revealed Himself in His Word and by His Spirit. John 14:6 The bible is seen as the absolute, unchanging, Word of God. It is inspired and guarded by God,  including its honest reports about evil acts among God’s people. 2 Tim. 3:16; 1 Pet 1:25.. A biblical Christian’s goal is God’s approval, not man’s. To know Him, to do His will, follow His way, and live each moment in fellowship with Him,  by His wonderful grace! Gal.1:10 Strength is provided by God’s unlimited grace and power. Gal. 2:20; Phil. 4:19, while seeing ourselves as weak and inadequate, if apart from Christ. 2 Cor. 12:9-10 Sin is seen for exactly what it is, it leads to spiritual bondage and death. Rom. 6:23 Dealing with sin through confession and faith, trusting Jesus as the “Lamb,” our Savior who bore our sins on cross. Rom. 6:1-6.. We care for people by leading them to Christ. Demonstrating God’s love, trusting God to meet needs by His Spirit working through our surrendered lives. Rom. 12:9-18. When suffering occurs, God is trusted to use suffering to deepen our faith and endurance, prepare us for ministry, and demonstrate His love and power. 2 Cor. 1:3-11.. Biblical Christianity is committing to trust and follow God. No compromise. Rather die than betray our Lord. Rom. 12:1-2.. Rejection and persecution is expected. John 15:20-21… Reaching out to bring God’s love and good news to the needy, then bring the needy to Jesus. A biblical Christian’s daily hope is an eternity with Jesus Christ, our Shepherd and King. 1 Peter 1:3-9...

Biblical Christianity will often offend the masses that embrace cultural Christianity or, for that matter, any of today’s blended, Americanized religions. The Pokemon responses show the growing hostility toward those who choose to follow God. His way seems too narrow and impossible.

In a world of religious alternatives that appear to offer all God’s blessings without any accountability, His absolute truth simply doesn’t accommodate. Biblical values have become a source of reproof and offense to those who have chosen the wide and more popular road.

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