Christina Aguilera Chases Kate Middleton with Shocking Bottomless CD Cover Pic?

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What do Christina Aguilera and Kate Middleton have in common? Both women were recently photographed au naturel from the waist down. Well, actually Kate Middleton was naked all over but no matter. The difference between these very different cases of inadvertent public nudity is that La Middleton’s overexposure was immortalized on film when evil paps lurks in the bushes (or somewhere) and photographed her sunbathing with Prince William. It was purely accidental. La Aguilera, probably not so much. The Voice star showed way too much skin in an inadvertent crotch shot on her latest CD cover. Or did she?

It’s complicated.

Christina, for reasons known only to herself, decided to pose nude from the waist down in the cover photo for her latest CD. Of course, that bizarre fact is not readily apparent to people who purchase the CD. According to the folks at Media Take Out, who may have too a little too much time on their hands, Christina’s bottomless state can be seen only “if you increase the CONTRAST on the image, [then] you can see that she’s COMPLETELY NEKKID from the waist down.”


Of course, two questions immediately arise. The first, and least important, is why would anyone bother to increase the contrast on Aguilera’s CD cover image? The second and far more important question is: Why would she pose bottomless in the first place? Was she having a psychotic break? Or was she, as rumors of her increasingly uncontrolled champagne guzzling suggest, simply drunk out of her mind? Oh well, the world will probably never know the truth. But if the CD cover photo which you can examine by clicking here is real, then Christina Aguilera definitely has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Stay tuned.

Photo source: Zimbio

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