Christina Aguilera: Curvy or Fat in New Perfume Ad? (Video)

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All it took for Christina Aguilera was one ill-conceived outfit at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales last week, and everyone and their mother was firing shots at the diva. Now Christina’s new perfume ad is out. Is she fat or just curvy?

It has been quite the ride to get to this point for Christina Aguilera. After being a judge on the hit TV show, The Voice, and appearing on Maroon 5’s Billboard No. 1 hit, Moves like Jagger, Christina seemed almost bulletproof.

Then Cardiff happened… as she squeezed herself into a corset and fish nets that seemed 5 sizes too small. The next thing the fat jokes started coming, even from Kelly Osbourne. Paparazzi started saying that she stepped out on the town looking like a hot mess, and forgetting her pants.

Now the question is whether everyone will start to tear Christina Aguilera apart for her new Secret Potion ad. Christina tweeted:

Hello everyone – Excited to show you the commercial for my new fragrance, Secret Potion. XoXtina

Christina certainly looks sexy and curvy in a black dress than turns into a silver, sequined gown by the end of the very short video. Some people will start to make fun of her here, surely, saying that she has a “pooch” or looks fat. Those people should probably get over themselves. In this commercial, Aguilera looks stunning… period.

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