Christina Aguilera: Does She Hate Her Sister?

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Is there a sibling rivalry between Christina Aguilera and her sister? Oh, come on, can’t the two sisters get along at least for one night? Perhaps Halloween could be the night that Christina shows her younger sister Rachel some love.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicActually, on Halloween there didn’t seem to be an issue between Christina Aguilera and her sister at all. There is often sibling rivalry during teenage years and this could only be amplified when one of the siblings has a huge career with lots of attention and career success like Christina.

Still it is fun to hear tweets like these from one sister to another:

I love my sister! Us hanging on Halloween.

Christina Aguilera took a quick second during her busy schedule to share a photograph from Halloween of her and her sister dressed as what looks like gypsies for Halloween. More important, she shared with the entire world how much she loves her sister. Clearly, Christina Aguilera knows that if not for her family she may not have half the career that she has today.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to talk about this Twitter post to mention the gypsy costume. Christina sure looks hot, as her top looks like it is about to explode! Luckily there was no nip-slip or wardrobe malfunction that could have turned a sweet post about her sister into a complete media fiasco.

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