Christina Aguilera Fills Her Team with ‘The Voice’ of Sera Hill

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Christina Aguilera was the last to find her final team member on The Voice because this accomplished vocalist admitted she has been very picky on season two of this popular TV talent show.

But finally, at the end of Monday’s two-hour offerings, this discerning judge found that sound when she heard Sera Hill in the blind auditions on the fifth and final night of this part of the competition.

As for her back story, Hill is a hotel desk clerk. Actually, she’s a singing hotel desk clerk who likes to connect with everyone on an emotional level by doing what she does — “which is singing.”

And that she does on The Voice stage, this time covering the Mary J Blige anthem, “I’m Going Down.” Her soulful and strong voice rang into the auditorium as this artist bopped up and down, wielding the familiar lyrics while she was in the perfect groove for a stellar delivery.

Meanwhile, this contestant’s look — torn jeans, high-heeled pumps, huge circle earrings, and a furry vest — was what Christina Aguilera saw when she turned around.

And when she did push her button and gazed upon this artist, she told Sara Hill that she had been waiting a long time to find a talent like her.

Not only that, but Christina surprised everyone to get up on stage with her new protegé. The two rang out the chorus together, bringing the audience to their feet and the two artists to interact as if this duo had been growling out the Blige tune together for quite a long time.

Afterward, Christina Aguilera and Sera Hill hugged as this proud coach told the world, “She’s mine.”

And now the die is cast in time for the battle ground rounds that start next week. So, stay tuned next week where the contestants will go up against each other after a lot of training.

With that said, there’s no doubt that Christina Aguilera is in it to win it, to quote American Idol‘s Randy Jackson. And that would mean that she’s in it to win The Voice, a true challenge for every great singer who has shown to take on each other in this fierce competition.

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