Christina Aguilera Lends Voice to ‘Moves Like Jagger’

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera have teamed up to give the public a new hit: “Moves Like Jagger.” The fellow judges have created a summer hit that is sure to leave teens and adults alike dancing in the streets.

A clip of the song is receiving rave reviews, and The Voice contestants will have a taste of just what they’re up against in terms of success. This is basically Aguilera’s and Levine’s answer to the question of “What makes a good pop song?” That answer is fantastic vocals, a driving beat and feel-good rhythm. In other words, it’s a bouncy pop song.

Serious music aficionados will cringe, of course. If you want to annoy your Frank Zappa-loving parents, uncles, or friends, this song will do the trick, and then some. It might even make them want to shove peanut butter in their ears. But for dance club music connoisseurs, this is a truly awesome song. It’s a song that, according to Rap-Up, combines Adam’s swagger with “Christina’s powerful pipes,” for a sure-fire summer hit.

Adam and Christina are set to perform “Moves Like Jagger” together on The Voice tonight. Be prepared to be blown away by the hot chemistry the two will most assuredly generate.

Image: Christina Aguilera & Adam Levine

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