Christina Aguilera Pictures Show under Search for ‘Dying Grandparents’

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If you are a fan of Christina Aguilera, you might search for pictures of her online. Normally, fans would search for her name and find pictures of her, but a new Internet search is also bringing up pictures of the coach from The Voice.

Go to Google and search under images for “dying grandparents.” The results are shocking. You will get a ton of pictures of Christina. They are actually all the pictures that come up first and there are not any of grandparents at first at all. Once you go further down the page you will start to see other pictures.

Now this has to make you wonder, why does this come up? It has something to do with an old rumor about her family, but it still doesn’t make a lot of sense to fans. They want to know what on earth this means, but it is getting a lot of people to search and find out.

If you want to try it, go to Google, then click on images, then search “dying grandparents.” You will see all the pictures of Christina Aguilera right in front of you. What do you think of this one?

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