Christina Aguilera Seeks Redemption at ‘Grammy Awards’

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Christina Aguilera is seeking redemption at the Grammy Awards Saturday after her now infamous Super Bowl National Anthem debacle. How will her tribute to Aretha Franklin fare?

Lady Marmalade, who hit the ground running at the same time fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears made a name for herself, is now defined as the celebrity who flubbed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

After she botched up one of the nation’s most hallowed songs, videos of the pivotal moment in her career went viral, and continue to be the most searched-for recordings on the Internet.

Sources close to Christina Aguilera maintain that she is very emotional about the moment. For her part in forgetting the words of the National Anthem, she gave a heart-felt apology. Now, how many celebs would do a thing like that? It was very honorable.

Now Aguilera is seeking to redeem herself at the Grammy Awards this Saturday when she provides a musical tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Can you imagine the butterflies she will have, as if it were her first audition for a record deal?

Critics have been harsh on Christina Aguilera and are defining her entire life by this one event that is garnering world-wide media attention. What a tough break for a person who has pipes of gold. The blonde beauty Burlesque star can sing — no question about that.

But to give her a little help at the Grammy’s, the words of all the songs she sings during the Aretha Franklin tribute will be on a teleprompter. Assuming there are no technical foul-ups and she can read, Christina Aguilera will have the redemption she is seeking.

Are you pulling for her? Can she shake off that terrible moment in her life, and nail the notes?

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