Christina Aguilera Sends Tweet to Share Her Beauty

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Christina Aguilera has come under frequent criticism lately for her appearance. Dodging bullets about her weight, her hair and her drunken appearance has made her a bit on the defensive side. She tweeted her followers with proof that she still is beautiful.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Christina tweeted a message as well as a photo of herself looking positively radiant. But you see, Christina, almost everyone understands the concept of photo retouching and airbrushing these days.

No one finds fault with the fact that the judge on The Voice has put on some pounds. It happens to the very best of mankind. It’s the mode of dress she has taken to despite the extra pounds. Skin tight and fat rolls aren’t pretty, whether you’re 100 pounds overweight or just 20 pounds overweight.

Christina AguileraAnd then there was that little issue about Christina Aguilera leaving the house without her pants. She was spotted stumbling drunk out of a bar with a t-shirt and leggings on—there were no pants to be seen. Now heavy or thin, that isn’t a recommended look for anyone.

Last season on The Voice, Christina was slowly but surely becoming a mess. Her hair looked like it was stiff and matted. Her clothes showed lots of cleavage but little fashion sense and the weight was slowly creeping on. Yes, she does look gorgeous in this photo she tweeted, but when was it taken and how much help was it given?

“Getting myglam on today for a special shoot! XoXtina,” Christina Aguilera tweeted. And yes, she does indeed look glamorous.

Want to see the photo Christina tweeted? Click here.

Hopefully Christina Aguilera is cleaning up her act, her hair, her clothes and her fashion sense. She’s a brilliant performer with a killer voice. It’s a shame she let herself go.

Photo Source: Facebook

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