Christina Aguilera Take Two: Fake Tan Streaks? Yeah Right!

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Christina Aguilera is a beautiful, talented and professionally devoted woman. That much became apparent when she performed at the funeral of Etta James, even through what appeared to be a very embarrassing leak.

Leave it to the Daily Mail to pick at Christina Aguilera, but in an incorrect fashion no less. The source referred to the streaking goo running down Aguilera’s leg as “fake tanner,” which it doesn’t appear to be. Maybe the writer of the piece is a male and doesn’t understand exactly what happened during that performance. You see, Christina either experienced a tampon malfunction or simply started her period during her powerful performance. If this were an example of her overdoing the fake tanner, wouldn’t it be globbed in other areas? Wouldn’t it be a little bit different in color? Wouldn’t her hands be orange or even other parts of her body?

Gather writer Hope Carson shared a piece on this far earlier than the Daily Mail writer, and prior to that Media Takeout did as well. It’s been made more than apparent that this is not a case of fake tanner gone awry. Anyway, this isn’t a big deal. This happens sometimes. All women have had embarrassing mishaps with their periods and they all have gotten over it. This was simply a humiliating moment for Xtina because it was such a mass televised and public event. Hopefully she can live this down with grace.

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